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An Investigation on the Effects of Varying Temperatures on Gelatin Denaturation in Response to Enzymatic Reactions from Fruit Extracts

During holiday celebrations, my family would hold gatherings in our home, and I would always help my mother prepare some traditionally known desserts ... Read more


Case Report

Managing a Fibroepithelial Polyp of the Tonsil

A 17-year-old man was noted to have a left tonsil mass when he attended his family physician with tonsillitis. Following treatment with a course of pe... Read more


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Hypovitaminosis D is Associated with the Components of Metabolic Syndrome in Brazilian Women

Low vitamin D status and oxidative/nitrosative stress have been recognized as risk factor for chronic diseases such as metabolic syndrome (MetS). The ... Read more


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Information Needs of Punjabi Patients with Coeliac Disease

Ten NHS trusts, which served significant Punjabi populations, were sent Freedom of Information Requests and asked to provide details and/or samples of... Read more


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Unsuspected Radiological Diagnosis in a Child with Recurring Abdominal Pain

A 5-year-old boy with a 4-month history of recurrent epigastric pain lasting several hours that disappears when vomiting undigested food. It appears s... Read more


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Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship (QSAR) Study of A Series of 2-Thioarylalkyl Benzimidazole Derivatives by the Density Functional Theory (DFT)

In this work, we used the quantum density theory (DFT), B3LYP / 6-311G (d, p) to establish a QSAR (Quantitative Structure Activity Relationships) mode... Read more


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Survival Following Invasive Aspergillus Endocarditis Resection and Amphotericin B Washing

Invasion of Aspergillus fungus into cardiac tissue is a rare occurrence typically seen in immunocompromised patients. Detection is typically a combina... Read more


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Mechanism of DNA Methylation in Stem Cells

DNA methylation is an important regulation mode in epigenetic mechanism. It affects a series of biological processes by regulating gene expression. As... Read more


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Is Cannabis a Viable Treatment of Chronic Non-Cancer Pain? - A Mini Review

The practice of pain medicine today is faced with the ever-rising burden of the nation’s opioid epidemic. There has been a strong push to redefine c... Read more


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Normal Fetal Fourth Ventricle Biometry Measured On Mri Mid-Sagittal Images

The goal of this study was to present the measurement range of fetal fourth ventricle on MRI mid-sagittal images by gestational age in normal fetuses.... Read more