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Reserch Article   |   10.36959/718/606 Volume 4 Issue 1

Seed Vigour of Quality Protein Maize Varieties Belonging To Different Maturity Groups

Authors: Olasoji Julius Oluseyi and Ajayi Sunday Adesola
Laboratory tests were carried out to investigate inherent quality differences among stored seeds of early, intermediate and late-maturing quality protein maize using completely randomized design (CRD)... Read more

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Review Article   |   10.36959/718/605 Volume 4 Issue 1

Challenges and Opportunities for Management of Crop and Tree Diseases in Northern Ireland

Authors: Juluri R Rao, John Moore, Trevor Martin, David Nelson and Colin Fleming
Phytopathogens have beleaguered the island of Ireland since the 19th century great famine caused by the potato blight oomycete, Phytophthora infestans and in recent times by cohorts of serious bacteri... Read more

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Research Article   |   10.36959/718/604 Volume 4 Issue 1

Challenges on Determination of Malondialdehyde in Plant Samples

Authors: Maryam Khoubnasabjafari and Abolghasem Jouyban
Malondialdehyde is a marker of lipid peroxidation and redox signaling and is used in many researches in the field of plant and biomedical investigations, possibly due to its simple measurement procedu... Read more

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Review Article   |   10.36959/718/603 Volume 3 Issue 1

Phosphate Sources, Microorganisms, and P Plant Nutrition: Challenges and Future Trends

Authors: Nikolay Vassilev, Maria Vassileva, Vanessa Martos, Antonia Galvez, Elena Flor-Peregrin and Luis F Garcia del Moral
This mini-review deals with P-plant nutrition starting from the crude P-source, its further processing, most recent alternative P-sources, and biotechnological solutions of existing problems. Special ... Read more

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Editorial   |   10.36959/718/602 Volume 2 Issue 1

MicroRNA Prediction Using Small RNA-Sequencing, Advances and Challenges

Authors: Kan Liu
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are basically a type of short (~22 nt) single strand RNA molecules predominantly shown in eukaryotes. Most identified miRNAs showed evolutionary conservation throughout different sp... Read more

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Research Article   |   10.36959/718/601 Volume 2 Issue 1

Genetic Variation in Biomass Yield and Feedstock Composition and Trait Relationships in Lowland Switchgrass

Authors: Eifion Hughes, Hem Bhandari, Fred Allen, Virginia Sykes, Arnold Saxton, Dennis West and Mathew Bobbitt
Switchgrass, a leading candidate for lignocellulosic bioenergy feedstock development in the USA, has received widespread researchers' attention in the recent years. For switchgrass to be an economical... Read more

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Research Article   |   10.36959/718/600 Volume 2 Issue 1

Effect of Polythene Mulch on Growth and Yield of Sunflower (Helianthus annuus)

Authors: Tapan Kumar, Mohammad Asadul Haque, Md Saiful Islam, Md Fazlul Hoque and Rajib Jodder
The study was undertaken to evaluate the effect of polythene mulch and different levels of irrigation water on growth and yield of sunflower in saline soil of Bangladesh. The sunflower variety Pacific... Read more

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RESEARCH ARTICLE   |   10.36959/718/599 Volume 1 Issue 1

Selection of Potential Plants for Saponin Extract Using Supercritical-CO2 Extraction against Golden Apple Snails (Pomacea canaliculata) for Paddy Cultivation

Authors: Ramli NH, Yusup S, Johari K and Abd Rahim M
Golden apple snail, (Pomacea canaliculata) has become a major constraint to the profitability of rice (Oryza sativa L.) farming by damaging rice seedlings during paddy growth. Chemical compounds such ... Read more

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Mini Review   |   10.36959/718/598 Volume 1 Issue 1

Socially Modified Organisms in Multifunctional Agriculture - Addressing the Needs of Smallholder Farmers in Africa

Authors: Roger RB Leakey
To address on-going issues of hunger, malnutrition, poverty and land degradation in Africa, smallholder farmers are developing Socially Modified Crops as part of a 3-step approach to a multifunctional... Read more

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RESEARCH ARTICLE   |   10.36959/718/597 Volume 1 Issue 1

Agro-Ecological Zoning for Tall Wheatgrass (Thinopyrum Ponticum) as a Potential Energy and Forage Crop in Salt-Affected and Dry Lands of Argentina

Authors: Silvia L Falasca, Carolina Miranda and Sandra Pitta Alvarez
Tall wheatgrass (Thinopyrum ponticum previously Agropyron elongatum) is the most disseminated halophyte species cultivated for forage on hydro-halomorphic soils in the world. In Argentina, it is used ... Read more

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Research Article   |   10.36959/718/596 Volume 1 Issue 1

Investigation of Biological Processes Aimed at Improving the Quality of Compost from Bio-Waste

Authors: Francesco Di Maria
Exclusively aerobic and integrated anaerobic with post-aerobic treatments of bio-waste generated in a given waste management area were compared with respect to the quality of the final compost. Pilot-... Read more

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