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Advances in Environmental Studies

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Table of Content: Volume 6, Issue 1

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Review Article Pages 491-496

Participatory Evaluation and Selection of Recently Released tef [Eragrostis tef (Zucc.) Trotter] Varieties in Awi Zone, Western Ethiopia

Authors: Yaregal Damtie, Worku Kebede and Taye Haile

Abstract: Tef is honored and the main dietary food for health existence and food security in Ethiopia. It is adaptable to a wide range of environmental conditions; however its production and productivity varied across the environment. Therefore this experiment was conducted in the agro pastoral areas of Jawi District at Worqi Meda kebele in the 2020 main season at the agro pastorals field with the objectives to evaluate and recommend high yielding improved tef varieties, assess the agro pastoral selection measures for tef and select varieties to build agro-pastoralists’ knowledge and skill of production and management of improved tef technologies through the target areas. It was comprised 13 varieties including local check in RCBD with 3 replications.

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Review Article Pages 489-490

Issues and Challenges of Incorporating Time and Temporality in Human Geographical Analysis

Authors: Wei Sun, Haitao Jin and Fengjun Jin

Abstract: Human geography is regarded as a discipline related to people, environment and space. In fact, it has a long tradition to take time factors into consideration.However, most of early studies focused on conceptual, experimental or sectional analysis. With the abundance of time-stamped data, the granularity of time recording, and the improvement of computing technology in recent decades, it became possible to incorporate time and temporality in a more accurate, multi-scale and dynamic way.

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Research Article Pages 479-483

Pilot Plant Model for Sequential CO2 Fixation and Storage

Authors: Kenji Sorimachi

Abstract: In the previously developed method using low NaOH and CaCl2 concentrations, the atmospheric CO2 is simply fixed to CaCO3 and NaCl, which exist as coal or limestone, and a large chamber comprising spray nozzles to capture CO2 efficiently by mists or droplets of NaOH solution has been designed. In the present study, a sequential CO2 fixation and storage

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Review Article Pages 474-478

Responses of Antioxidants Enzymes to Oxidative Stress in the Floral Species Drimia Maritime

Authors: Yara R Khairallah, Tarek Houri, Bilal Osta, Danny M Romanos and Georges R Haddad

Abstract: In natural habitats, plants that encounter adverse growth conditions are preserved in natural reserves where rare or endangered species, such the rare plant species “Drimia maritima” are protected. However, abiotic stress, generated by air pollution near Bentael natural reserve - Lebanon, where ‘Drimia maritima” is widespread, is suspected to induce alteration in the biochemical status of the plant. The antioxidant potential was determined by measuring the activities

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Review Article Pages 467-473

Fine Root Response of Poplar Trees Pollarded at the End of the Growing Season

Authors: Maldonado M, Kemp P, McIvor I and Douglas G

Abstract: The effectiveness of wide-spaced-planted poplar trees (Populus spp.) for reducing shallow landslide occurrence relies mainly on the extensive root development of individual trees and root interlocking between neighbouring trees. This study aimed to determine the impact of pollarding at the end of the growing season on the fine root structure of poplar trees aged 11 years.

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Review Article Pages 455-466

Pseudokirchneriella Subcapitata, Ceriodaphnia Dubia and Rainbow Trout Responses to Uranium Exposure in Combination with Metals, Nutrients and Total Dissolved Solids Mixtures Using Site Water Collected from Two Creeks Located in the Yukon

Authors: Jorgelina Muscatello, Mimi Tran, David Flather, Curtis Eickhoff and Jennie Gjertsen

Abstract: This study evaluates the effects of uranium (U) in combination with metals (arsenic, copper, chromium and zinc), nutrients (ammonia, sulphate) and total dissolved solids (TDS) on Pseudokirchneriella subcapitata, Ceriodaphnia dubia and rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss). Water was collected from two creeks in the Yukon and spiked with a mixture of U, metals, nutrients and TDS. Water was collected at two times of the year (summer and winter). Tests included

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Research Article Pages 452-454

The Challenge of Global CO2 Reduction: The Potential of the Method Based on Seawater Electrolysis

Authors: Katsuyoshi Tatenuma and Fabio Spaziani

Abstract: The atmospheric CO2 concentration dramatically increased in the last 300 years, due to fossil fuels consumption and deforestation. From approximately 280 ppm before the start of the industrial revolution, about a 140 ppm upsurge was estimated. This phenomenon is understood to be responsible for a rise in global temperature, which will lead to glaciers melting and sea levels rising. Consequently, the research focused on atmospheric carbon capture and storage is fundamental for achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement concerning climate change mitigation.

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