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Table of Content: Volume 1, Issue 2

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Review Article Pages 44-59

Retrieval Induced Forgetting and Enhancement in Tertiary Law Examinations: Are Law Students Unique?

Authors: Mary-Ellen Buckley and Ewald Neumann

Abstract: An important facet of human cognition is the ability to retrieve information accurately and in sufficient detail across a wide variety of domains. This is particularly relevant in the domain of school examinations. It has been well established that successful retrieval of momentarily wanted information depends to some extent on the inhibition of unwanted, competing information.

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Review Article Pages 39-43

An Integrated Brain Function

Authors: Goro C Kato and Kazuo Nishimura

Abstract: The aim of this paper is to provide sheaf theoretic formulations of the functions of a brain based on the theory of temporal topos, which is often abbreviated as t-topos) as developed in Kato. Our methods come from T-topos theory, which has been studied for the purpose of quantum gravity treating the concept of gravity in microcosm by capturing the associated sheaf with space-time.

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Review Article Pages 28-38

Variability: External Data, Internal Apprehension, or a Balance between Them? A Mathematical Argument and Some Upshots

Authors: Eric Brian

Abstract: This paper addresses how one apprehends variability. Statistics does provide estimators like variance and standard error. After a recall of usual formulae, the already known partial variance is set as a strict axiomatic extension.

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