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Table of Content: Volume 1, Issue 1

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Research Article Pages 17-22

A Study of Nuclear Medicine Contrast Retention in Vascular Access Ports

Authors: Michael S Gossman, Huaiyu Zheng, Junling Li and Chin K Ng

Abstract: Vascular access ports were investigated to determine the retention rate of injected radiotracers during PET scan acquisition. A total of 30 ports were tested, including 3 different port models from a single manufacturer.

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Research Article Pages 12-16

Investigation of MRI Contrast Release from Vascular Access Ports after Priming

Authors: Michael S Gossman, Zhu Mingming, Huaiyu Zheng and Chin K Ng

Abstract: Vascular ports designed for venous access were injected with gadolinium contrast and imaged using MRI. Incrementally, the ports were flushed with saline and scanned to determine the amount of flush volume necessary to rid the injected gadolinium.

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Research Article Pages 5-11

Dimensional Analysis and Constitutive Equations of Quantitative Microdialysis

Authors: CF Chen

Abstract: As a membrane-based sampling technique microdialysis can be quantified by the relative recovery and the time-to-reach-the-steady-state in sampling. In this paper dimensional analysis is applied to show that the performance can be collectively determined by three dimensionless numbers, the P├ęclet and Reynolds numbers of the perfusion flow and the membrane-to-channel area ratio.

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Research Article Pages 1-4

Vitamin D Levels in Women with Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy

Authors: Emre Canverenler, Baris Buke, Hatice Akkaya, Mustafa Bertan Demir, Cagri Guven and Gursen Gundem

Abstract: To evaluate the relationship between plasma 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25(OH)D) levels in Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy (ICP) patients.

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