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Table of Content: Volume 2, Issue 1

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Review Article Pages 69-77

The Use of Eye-Tracking in the Investigation of Prelinguistic Infants: A Review

Authors: Jennifer R Francois, Kathy L Coufal and Barbara S Chaparro

Abstract: Advances in technology have yielded new techniques for investigating phenomena in the area of early childhood developmental science. Electronic eye-tracking allows for a more detailed and objective way to measure infant attention as compared to traditional methods, such as the Preferential Looking Paradigm.

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Review Article Pages 60-68

An Integrated Cognitive Perspective of Travel Motivation and Repeated Travel Behaviour

Authors: Betsy Ng and Gloria Ho

Abstract: The present paper offers an integrated conceptual approach to the process model of travel motivation. It is important to understand why individuals are motivated to travel and how travel experiences benefit them. The proposed framework also hopes to understand travel constraints and perceived travel risks as their perceptions will influence repeated travel behaviour.

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