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Research Article   |   Volume 2 Issue 1

Reverse Somatic Mutations as Key Player in Malignant Transformation of an Odontogenic Myxoma

Authors: Taobo Hu, Xuejiao Lina Hu, Wai-Kin Mat, Joseph Chun-Kit Chung, Wai-Kuen Ho and Hong Xue

Abstract: An 82-year-old Chinese male nonsmoker who had left maxillary pain and swelling started in 2016. He had occasionally bloodstained purulent discharge from the left side of the nose. Examination showed a hard palate bulging over the upper alveolar ridge with loosened left upper molar tooth that was badly eroded. The CT scan showed an expansile growth of soft tissue mass in the left maxillary sinus. Biopses were performed. The first one was done on July 18, 2016, which showed only granulation tissue.


Research Article   |   Volume 1 Issue 1

Immunoglobulin G4 Positive Plasma Cells in Chronic Liver Disease

Authors: Claire J Detweiler, Lauren M Allen, Deepti M Reddi, Shannon J McCall, Cynthia D Guy, Mustafa R Bashir, Julius M Wilder and Diana M Cardona

Abstract: IgG4-related disease was first defined in autoimmune pancreatitis but is known to affect other organs, including the biliary tree and liver. The aim of this study was to assess IgG4-positive plasma cells in a spectrum of chronic liver diseases.


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