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Editorial board member | Dr. Galia Hatav

Dr. Galia Hatav

Associate Professor
Department of Linguistics
University of Florida
United States of America
Tel: 352-392-0639

Dr. Galia Hatav is an Associate Professor at Department of Linguistics at University of Florida, USA. Dr. Hatav received a bachelor degree in General Philosophy and Hebrew Linguistics and a Masters in Hebrew Linguistics at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. In 1990, she was awarded a PhD in theoretical linguistics at Tel Aviv University. Her monograph on the semantics of aspect and modality in English and Biblical Hebrew was published in 1997 by John Benjamins Publishers. Her edited book on Hebrew linguistics within contemporary theories was published by The Hebrew University Magnes Press in 2008. Hatav also published a number of articles that appeared in general linguistics journals as well as journals specifying in Hebrew or Semitic languages. Dr. Galia Hatav research interest includes temporality in language from the point of view of semantics, pragmatics, the interface of semantics and pragmatics and in some sense morphology and syntax. The perspective of her research is mainly theoretical, where the main languages investigated are Biblical Hebrew, English and Modern Hebrew.