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Case Report   |   10.36959/453/577 Volume 4 Issue 2

A Failure Case of Double Button Plate Fixation for Treatment of Nonunion of Patella Fracture

Authors: Kai Sun, MD and Meng Fan, PhD
To investigate effect of double button plate fixation in the treatment of nonunion of patella fracture. One patient with nonunion of patella fracture was treated with double button plate fixation. The... Read more

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Case Report   |   10.36959/453/576 Volume 4 Issue 2

What Should Be the Surgical Position Choice in A Patient Having Proximal Humeral Fracture with Developed Hypotension?

Authors: Harun Altinayak, PhD, MD and Selin Erel, PhD, MD
Proximal humerus fractures with increasing prevalence in the geriatric age group are treated in a wide range from nonoperative treatment to arthroplasty and the treatment issue is still controversial.... Read more

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Review Article   |   10.36959/453/575 Volume 4 Issue 2

Possible Technical Advantages of Single-Portal Knee Arthroscopy

Authors: Pallavi Juneja, MD and John Hubbard, MD
In knee arthroscopy, two portals were traditionally used to perform surgery. In the last decade, the novel technique of single-portal knee arthroscopy has been investigated with promising results. Thi... Read more

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Research Article   |   10.36959/453/574 Volume 4 Issue 2

Analysis of the Advantages of Wiltse Approach Ligamentotaxis Method for Thoracolumbar Fractures

Authors: Baixing Wei, Taipu Liu, Hongfei Li, Xipeng Chen and Han Wu
The Wiltse approach ligamentotaxis (WALT) is a combination of paravertebral muscle natural gap access and posterior longitudinal ligament tension, which can achieve good fracture repositioning and ind... Read more

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Research Article   |   10.36959/453/573 Volume 4 Issue 2

Short Term Outcome in Operative Management of Posterior Wall and or Posterior Column Fractures of Acetabulum

Authors: Dr Jawed Bhat A, Dr Arshad Shraf A and Dr Shabir Dhar
Displaced posterior wall fractures and or posterior column fractures are not infrequent injuries of acetabulum and stable fixation are the goals of operative management when indicated, outcome of surg... Read more

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Case Report   |   10.36959/453/572 Volume 4 Issue 2

Sacral Chordoma: A Case Report

Authors: Solángel Rodríguez M, MD and Carlos S Montero S, MD
Sacral chordoma is a tumor that corresponds to 1 to 4% of all malignant bone tumors in the axial skeleton; It consists of a silent and slow-growing mass that requires radical treatment due to its high... Read more

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Case Series   |   10.36959/453/570 Volume 4 Issue 2

JJ Maneuver: A Novel Single Operator Dependent Technique for Posterior Hip Reduction

Authors: Ocampo Alfonso, BS, Sheppard William L, MD, Hwang Richard, MD, Hamad Christopher D, BS, Johnson Eric E, MD and Jeffcoat Devon M, MD
Hip dislocations can occur through various mechanisms. Although native hip dislocations are uncommon, increasing rates of total hip arthroplasty has translated to prosthetic hip dislocations being enc... Read more

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Research Article   |   10.36959/453/571 Volume 4 Issue 2

Analyzing the Progress and Prevalence of Schedule II Opioid Prescription to Orthopedic Patients

Authors: Ahmed Nahian, BS/DO(c), Julieanne Sees P, DO, FAAOS, FAOA, FAOAO and Rakesh Singh, PhD
In 2010, the Ambulatory Care Drug Database System (ACDD) reported that acetaminophen with hydrocodone topped the list of the three most prescribed medications across 49% of orthopedic facilities. Desp... Read more

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