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Table of Content: Volume 1, Issue 1

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Research Article Pages 11-19

Impact of Crude Oil Emulsion on Pipeline Corrosion

Authors: CA Silva, DRN Filho, MHA Zanin and Z Panossian

Abstract: The objective of this work is to study the effect of emulsion formation on steel corrosion in a sweet environment in a laboratory scale. Field experience shows that improper sizing of pipelines in the petroleum industry is often caused by a lack of understanding of three-phase flows which are characterized by a gas phase flowing together with a brine-oil liquid phase. The emulsion formation in these systems plays an important role on the corrosion rates of steel pipelines.

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Mini Review Pages 6-10

Starch-Based Film Enhancement with Lignin, Nata De Coco and Sunflower Oil: A Mini Review

Authors: Ameera Syahirah Ahmad Hakimi, Siti Noor Hidayah Mustapha, Rohani Mustapha

Abstract: Much attention has been focused in recent years on research to replace petroleum-based commodity plastics because petroleum-based plastics create an ecological problem with plastic contamination affects the environment especially wildlife. Therefore, biopolymers made from starch is an excellent material to replace petroleum-based plastics in a costeffective manner, renewable sources

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Research Article Pages 2-5

Experimental Study of Bulk Water Removal in Two Phase Flow

Authors: Weiwei E, Kevin Pope and Xili Duan

Abstract: The improvement of oil-water separation efficiency has become increasingly important in the oil and gas industry, as well as for environmental protection. This study uses both experimental and numerical methods to investigate the effects of flow rate (v), oil volume fraction (vof), and temperature (T) on oil-water separation efficiency. Design Expert software is used to analyzing data of the experiments.

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Letter to Editor Pages 1-1

Prospect of Petroleum Industry-Should We Worry?

Authors: Ching Thian Tye

Abstract: Crude oil demand is projected to decline in the coming years worldwide with the belief that burning fossil fuel is the culprit of the release of greenhouse gases and it is a limited resource. Further, the crude oil demand dropped significantly in 2020 due to COVID 19 pandemic. In recent years, there are opinions in the society that petroleum industry may be a sunset industry. According to research conducted by Professor Lloyd Heinze and his team, the number of students earning Petroleum Engineering bachelor's degrees has been projected to drop significantly from 2550 in 2017 to around 400 by 2022 and remain between 200-400 for the subsequent 10 years..

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