Insights of Neuro Oncology

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Insights of Neuro Oncology

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Table of Content: Volume 1, Issue 1

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Case Report Pages 15-17

Ovarian Cancer with Leptomeningeal Involvement

Authors: Ayse Kaya, Gozde Tahtaci and Ahmet Ozet

Abstract: Ovarian cancer usually spreads locally. Leptomeningeal involvement is very rare with poor prognosis. We reported two cases with leptomeningeal metastasis. 51-year-old woman who was diagnosed with serous papillary ovarian carcinoma metastatic to liver and spleen, FIGO (International Federation of Gynecologists and Obstetricians staging system) stage IV.

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Original Article Pages 6-14

Patient Empowerment in Neuro-Oncology: New Perspectives on an Emerging Concept

Authors: Salvador Manrique-Guzman, Marcela Rodriguez-Flores, Joel Rodriguez-Saldana and Robert Anderson

Abstract: Patient empowerment focuses on the control the individual patient exerts on his/her own health and illness. The empowerment approach is based on the recognition that patients have the capacity to influence their own health behavior and health focused on long-term surveillance and treatment.

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Case Report Pages 1-5

Paraspinal Metastasizing Pleomorphic Adenoma

Authors: Christopher Bryant and Richard Prayson

Abstract: Pleomorphic adenomas (benign mixed tumors) are the most common benign tumors arising in the salivary glands. Rarely, they can undergo malignant transformation (carcinoma ex pleomorphic adenoma) or metastasize via hematogenous or lymphatic spread.

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