Advances in Environmental Studies

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  Dr. James Harold Clarke
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Advances in Environmental Studies

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Table of Content: Volume 5, Issue 2

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Research Article Pages 443-451

The Application of A Refined SWOT-AHP Based planning and Management Approach for the Conservation of Ethiopia’s Protected Area Systems

Authors: Simeneh Admasu, Arega Mekonnen, Fanuel Kebede, Mekbeb Tessema, Zelealem Tefera and Julian Bayliss

Abstract: This study analyzes the internal and external factors influencing the conservation and management successes of Ethiopia’s Protected Areas (PAs) system by the Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority (EWCA) with special reference to Omo National Park (ONP), Senkelle Swayne’s Hartebeest Sanctuary (SSHS), and Simien Mountains National Park (SMNP)

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Research Article Pages 436-442

Vegetation Structure and Floristic Features of Al Rayn Region, Saudi Arabia

Authors: Nurah M Alzamel

Abstract: This is the first study, so far, to monitor the plant species composition and the vegetation cover of different communities occurring in Al Rayn city. This study estimates the vegetation of Al Rayn region of Saudi. A maximum of 19 plant species belonging to 13 different plant families were collected and identified to distribute among four plant communities namely: Rhyzastricta, Pulicariacrispa, Citrulluscolocynthis

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