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Annals of Endocrinology and Metabolism

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Table of Content: Volume 1, Issue 1

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Original Article Pages 11-17

Epidemiology of Thyroid Cancer in Oman

Authors: Fathimabeebi Pambinezhuth, Noor Al Busaidi and Hilal Al Musalhi

Abstract: Over the past few decades, the incidence of thyroid cancer has substantially proliferated across the world. The rise is eminent only for Differentiated Thyroid Cancers (DTC).

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Case Report Pages 8-10

Pheochromocytoma Presenting as Acute Cardiomyopathy and Multiorgan Failure in a Young Lady-Think Twice Before Sending a Patient for Heart-Transplantation

Authors: Kitty Kit Ting Cheung and Francis Chun Chung Chow

Abstract: We illustrate a case of pheochromocytoma-related cardiomyopathy in a young lady who presented with acute decompensated cardiomyopathy. Initially it was thought to be caused by mumps infection and heart-transplantation was planned.

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Review Article Pages 1-7

DNA-Lipids Interactions in Nuclear Pore Assembly and Hormone Actions

Authors: Kuvichkin VV

Abstract: In a modern science there are ideas which were born earlier, than there was a necessary tool for their proof and development. Finally such ideas the oblivion waits, but it does not mean, that they are incorrect, simply scientific community has not ripened to their necessity, that result in scientific progress braking.

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