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Editorial board member | Prof. Zhongwei Li

Prof. Zhongwei Li

Department of Biomedical Science
Charles E Schmidt College of Medicine
Florida Atlantic University
United States of America

Prof. Zhongwei Li is a Professor of Biomedical Science in Department of Biomedical Science, Charles E Schmidt College of Medicine at Florida Atlantic University, USA. He teaches biomedical science courses for first year medical program and graduate programs. His research primarily focuses on RNA damage control and prevention of human diseases such as Alzheimer and Parkinson. Prof. Zhongwei goals are to develop RNA damage biomarkers and identifying protective genes to cope with degenerative disorders. In addition, he is studying bacteria aiming to develop treatment of infectious diseases, including identification of bacterial genes involved in infection, different pathways for bacterial RNA metabolism, and methods for quick diagnosis of bacteria in clinical settings. His research focuses on RNA damage control and its impact on human health and the second area of his research is bacterial RNA metabolism and infectious diseases. He is also working on a project for bacterial identification in clinical samples.

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