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Original Article   |   Volume 3 Issue 1

Induction of Osteosarcoma and Biochemical Effects in Rats Treated with Benzopyrene

Authors: Paniagua Perez R, Franco y Bourland R, Madrigal Bujaidar E, Alvarez Gonzalez I, Velasco Mora O, Martinez Coria E, Araujo Monsalvo V, Domínguez Hernandez V, Gonzalez-Cortez J, Straface JI and Luna Mendez Martin

Abstract: Osteosarcoma accounts for 20% of all sarcomas, affects children and young adults, usually originating in lower limb bones and possibly ending in amputation. The murine models identify the molecular and pathophysiological basis of diseases and allow the development of new therapies for their treatment. Benzopyrene (BZP) is an aromatic polycyclic hydrocarbon, reported as a potent cancer inducer. The objective of this work was to standardize a model of bone carcinogenesis in rats.


Research Article   |   Volume 3 Issue 1

Gunshot Fractures to the Limbs: A Review of Fixation Methods

Authors: Captain Daniel Ribeiro Mesquita, Lieutenant Maurício Gomes Arcoverde and Major Joel Paulo Akerman

Abstract: The authors had intensive experience with gunshot fractures in wounded civilian and military in the war against organized crime in Rio de Janeiro. From the many difficulties and controversies, came the necessity to search for scientific evidence to establish management and treatment to these challenging injuries.


Case Report   |   Volume 3 Issue 1

Isolated Scapula Body Fracture with Intrathoracic Displacement: Description of a New Pattern of Injury

Authors: Ismael Auñón-Martín, MD, PhD, Carlos Olaya-González and Gema Muñoz Sánchez

Abstract: Scapula fractures are relatively rare. Those that affect the body of the scapula account for approximately 50% of all scapula fractures. The indication of surgical treatment in the fractures of the body of the scapula is controversial. One of the indications for surgery is the intrathoracic displacement of a bone fragment. Within the low incidence of this complication, homogeneous anatomical patterns always related to high energy trauma have been described.


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