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Review Article   |   10.36959/643/306 Volume 4 Issue 1

The Hold-Up of the Century: Neural Networks are Coming from Cognitive Science and not Machine Learning. Perspectives to Avoid a New Dark Age of Artificial Intelligence

Authors: Martial Mermillod
Since the new revolution in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the advent of Deep Learning, the massive trend in AI is mainly driven by the computer science community. However, this statement omits the ... Read more

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Commentary   |   10.36959/643/305 Volume 4 Issue 1

A Commentary on the Application of Artificial Intelligence in the Insurance Industry

Authors: Sushant K Singh and Muralidhar Chivukula
Millions of uninsured individuals in the US live in the areas, which are highly vulnerable to health and other risks. Artificial intelligence (AI) has become one-point solution for a variety of socioe... Read more

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