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Table of Content: Volume 3, Issue 1

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Case Report Pages 25-26

Bradycardia Following use of Intracameral Acetylcholine: A Case Report

Authors: Fatemeh Shams

Abstract: Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter released at nerve endings in both the central and peripheral nervous system, a direct cholinergic agonist that binds and activates cholinergic receptors in the junction of the iris sphincter muscle and promotes pupillary constriction

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Case Presentation Pages 21-24

Suture the Feeding and Drainage Vessels to Treat Complicatied Retinal Hemangioblastoma

Authors: Hanyi Min, Chenxi Zhang, Fei Gao, Rongping Dai, Youxin Chen and Ningning Li

Abstract: Retinal hemangioblastoma (RH) is a benign vascular tumor with round, circumscribed appearance, which is often found in the juxtapapillary or peripheral retina. It can be either an isolated vascular abnormality or a manifestation of von Hippel-Lindau syndrome (VHL). RH progresses slowly, but it can lead to significant visual loss from exudative retinal detachment caused by tumor exudation or tractional retinal detachment (TRD) caused by glial proliferation.

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Case Series Pages 16-20

Post-Operative Complications after Non-Valved Glaucoma Device Implantation Due to Rapid PolysorbTM Suture Absorption Time

Authors: Dante M Sorrentino, MD, Connor Davenport, BS, Ian P Conner, MD and Julia K Polat, MD

Abstract: Basic demographic and pre-operative history was collected including age, sex, ocular history, and previous treatment. Pre and post-operative data was obtained including visual acuity, intraocular pressure, estimated time of tube opening, complications, and subsequent treatment needed.

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