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Table of Content: Volume 4, Issue 1

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Communication Pages 112-113

To be (Masked) or Not to be (Masked) during the Covid-19 Pandemic: A Social and Psychological Double Bind

Authors: Anne-Frédérique Naviaux, Pascal Janne and Maximilien Gourdin

Abstract: In the context of the exponential growth of the pandemic, everyone has to make some decision: When there is a world shortage of material (screening tests, masks, respirators and vaccine), societal measures are crucial to contain an epidemic. In this context, psychological and behavioral parameters become directly relevant to public health, but can also subject us to a philosophical argument as in Pascal's wager.

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Review Article Pages 105-111

Estimation of Clinical Comorbidities in COVID-19 Patients: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Authors: Abida Sayed, Yogesh Acharya, Keegan Chua Vi Long, Laura Lynam and Meera Tandan

Abstract: The novel coronavirus or COVID-19 has become a catastrophic global crisis due to its accelerated upsurge in cases. Most hospital admissions and deaths are attributed to the underlying clinical conditions of the infected person.

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Commentary Pages 102-104

Outbreak of Respiratory Tract Infection Score (ORTIS): Objective Screening System for Children to Rule out COVID-19 and Prevent Nosocomial Spread

Authors: Varnit Shanker

Abstract: Since December 2019, over two million people worldwide have been affected by coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). Because of quarantine measures, overcrowded healthcare facilities, fear of contracting the disease and forced behavioural modification to suspect every respiratory tract infection as a potential COVID-19 case - parents of sick children are hesitant to contact healthcare facilities in developing countries such as India. Acute shortage of specialist care has led to increased suffering of children affected by other diseases. Such patients are being continuously received in critical state due to a delay in contact.

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Commentary Pages 100-101

COVID-19: Where we Started and Where we Stand

Authors: Mohammad Ammad Ud Din, Hemanth Boppana and Hassan Liaqat

Abstract: Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a new infectious disease classified as a pandemic by the World Health Organization on March 11th, 2020. It is caused by the SARS-CoV 2 betacoronavirus and emerged in Wuhan Province, China in late December 2019. Since then, it has spread to 179 countries with over 800,000 confirmed cases.

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