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Editorial board member | Prof. Sidhartha D Ray

Prof. Sidhartha D Ray

Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences
College of Pharmacy, Natural & Health Sciences
Manchester University
United States of America
Tel: 260-470-2661

Prof. Sidhartha Ray is Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences in College of Pharmacy, Natural & Health Sciences at Manchester University, USA. He joined the Pharmacy Program in May 2011, and served as the founding chair of the department of pharmaceutical sciences. He teaches a wide range of biomedical science and Integrated Therapeutic courses and serves on various academic committees. Prior to MUCOP, he was a professor of toxicology at the Arnold & Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences of Long Island University. Dr. Ray's areas of research interests include mechanisms of cell death (apoptosis, necrosis; apocrosis/ necraptosis); Role of oxidative stress in drug-induced organ injury; Role of microRNA during apoptotic and necrotic cell deaths in target organs in vivo; Anti-cancer, anti-toxic and medicinal properties of phytochemicals; Role of complex mixture of Phytochemicals and Nutraceuticals in health, wellness and nutrition.

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