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Prof. Yucang liang

Department of Chemistry
University of Tubingen
Tel: 707-129-76216

Prof. Yucang Liang is a Senior Scientist in the Department of Chemistry of Eberhard Karls University of Tubingen, Germany. He earned his PhD degree in Material Science from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) in 2005. After finishing his two-year postdoctorateand working as a researcher on Nano process and Application of Nano catalysts for three years at the University of Bergen in Norway. Prof. Liang joined the present university in 2010 and independently developed his research. Prof. Liangsresearch interests focus on the preparation, characterization and surface modification of the nano-structured inorganic materials with designed topologies and shapes as well as controlled particle sizes. These inorganic materials include biocompatible monodispersive(non)porous silica nanospheres, the functionalized core-shell structured mesoporous silica nanospheres, quantum dots, and metal/metal oxide nanoscale materials with special chemical and physical properties. Their applications are concentrated on biomedicine, environment and catalysis, as well as the preparationof membrane for the applications in antireflective, antifogging, water treatment and nanofilltration.

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