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Editorial board member | Mr. Harris Sajjad Rabbani

Mr. Harris Sajjad Rabbani

Visiting Lecturer
Department of Petroleum Engineering
Texas A&M University

I completed my Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from The University of Manchester (UK) in 2018 and currently working as a visiting lecturer in the Petroleum Engineering Department at Texas A&M University (Qatar Branch). My research focuses on advancing the fundamental understanding of multiphase flow though porous media. Using analytical analysis, state-of-art modeling techniques and cutting-edge experimental tools I elucidate the key pore-scale mechanisms controlling the immiscible displacement in porous materials, and then scaling up these observations through mathematical formulation for prediction of large-scale Earth science problems in the areas of energy and the environment. My efforts in collaboration with various top international research institutes have resulted in high-quality peer-reviewed publications in leading scientific journals. Moreover, I have several inventions protected by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (UPTSO) granting patent pending status.

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