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Editorial board member | Dr. Morteza Mohammadzaheri

Dr. Morteza Mohammadzaheri

Assistant Professor
Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Sultan Qaboos University

Morteza Mohammadzaheri completed his PhD in Intelligent Control from the School of Mechanical Engineering, University of Adelaide, Australia, in 2011. Dr Mohammadzaheri is currently an Assistant Professor of Dynamic Systems and Control at Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department of Sultan Qaboos University, Oman. His research includes modelling, control and optimisation of systems particularly with use of artificial intelligence. He has addressed a variety of research problems in different processes e.g. power plants, offshore petroleum plants, dryers, chemical reactors, engines,aerial and lan vehicles, pipelines and precision systems. Dr Mohammadzaheri has published/presented 119 peer reviewed research papers including 54 journal articles by 20 March 2021.

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