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Editorial board member | Dr. Maria Piccione

Dr. Maria Piccione

Director of Center for rare genetic diseases
Villa Sofia-Cervello Hospital
University of Palermo

Dr. Maria Piccione is Director of Clinical Genetics Service at University of Palermo (Italy).Research activities dealing with chromosomal and genetic syndromes. Teaching activities: integrated course of Paediatrics for the degree course in medicine since the academic year 1999-2000; 2001-2002 "Obstetric Pathology, prenatal and paediatric medicine and social preventive medicine" for the Diploma in Obstetrics at Palermo University; Genetic Medicine for the Diploma in Nursing Sciences and in the following courses: "Techniques of Psychiatric rehabilitation", Preventive techniques in the environment and work-places" at Palermo University; "Obstetrics" at Palermo University and at Trapani. 1999-2000 "Pathology of Malformations", Medical Genetics and Metabolic disease (School of Paediatric Specialization, Palermo University), since 2003-2004 General Genetics (School of Paediatric Surgery), Medical Genetics (School of Specialization in infantile neuropsychiatry and in Psychiatry Palermo University) and Master University of Palermo in "Evaluation and treatment of disability", Master in "Paediatric Psycololy", and Master of Bioethics. Publications: more than 250 scientific works (complete and abstracts) in national and international reviews.

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