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Dr. Michelina Catauro

Associate Professor
Department of Industrial Engineering and Information
Second University of Naples
Tel: 39-081-5010-360

Dr. Michelina Catauro is an Associate Professor in the Department of Industrial Engineering and Information at Second University of Naples, Italy. Dr. Catauro in 1984 enrolled at the University of Naples “Federico II” at the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences for a study course in Chemistry. She was awarded an Erasmus Program Scholarship for the academic year 1989/90 sponsored by the University of East Anglia’s School of Chemical Sciences in Norwich. Dr. Michelina Catauro's research interests focused on the synthesis and characterization of glasses materials, glasses-ceramic and organic-inorganic hybrid nano composites obtained via sol-gel technique. Her main objective is to broaden her knowledge of the glasses state, to study the relationships connecting chemical composition, micro structure and physical-chemical properties of inorganic glasses and organic-inorganic hybrid materials with high technological interest with particular attention to their application in the biomedical field.

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