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Editorial board member | Prof. Yuanan Lu

Prof. Yuanan Lu

Professor and Director
Department of Public Health Sciences
University of Hawaii at Manoa
United States of America
Tel: 808-956-2702

Dr. Yuanan Lu is a Professor and Director in the Department of Public Health Sciences, University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA. Dr. Yuanan received his Ph.D. in 1992 in the Department of Microbiology from University of Hawaii at Mano, he did his Post doc. from 1995-1996 in Molecular Virology from University of California at Los Angeles. He received International Fellowship Award, State Ministry of Agriculture, Beijing, China in 1985, Travel Award of Medical Virology Club (for 3 years), American Society for Virology in 1995-1997. Dr. Yuanan Lu research interests include environmental and medical virology with the overall goal of employing cutting-edge molecular biology and virology technology for the development of novel strategies for effective detection and diagnosis, preventive and therapeutic approaches to combat pathogenic viruses of humans and marine species, including novel gene therapy for viral infection, marine biotechnology, and new approaches for water quality and risk assessment.

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