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Prof. Ananda Mitra

Department of Communication
Wake Forest University
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
United States of America

Dr. Ananda Mitra is serving as Professor for Department of Communication at Wake Forest University in North Carolina, USA. Dr. Mitra completed his PhD in Speech Communication (1992) from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Dr. Ananda Mitra’s expertise makes him the go-to person for the latest trends in social media and how 'narbs'-the personal details such as residence, age, sex and interests that users reveal on social media sites-are used. He is the author of a series of books on digital media. His area of expertise includes Technology and Communication, Technology and Society, Computers in Education and Training, Computer Use in Data Collection, Employment in U.S. and India, Cultural Sustainability, Communication Technology and Evaluation, Communication and Public Culture, Indian Culture and Communication Practices. Dr. Mitra focuses his research on the role of new digital technologies in shaping everyday life practices that range from the use of computers in teaching to the way in which the marginalized can gain a voice through the use of Internet. Originally from India, Mitra also researches the social and cultural issues related to South Asia, which also provides the foundation for his first year seminar course: South Asia, Communication and Culture.

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