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Editorial board member | Dr. Silvia Liliana Falasca

Dr. Silvia Liliana Falasca

Professor of Climatology
School of Agronomy
Buenos Aires University
Buenos Aires

Dr. Silvia Liliana Falasca is a Professor of Climatology since 1982 in the School of Agronomy of Buenos Aires University (UBA), in Agrarian Sciences of Lomas de Zamora University (UNLZ). She is also an Associate Professor of Nontraditional crops for bioenergy in the Master of Science: Renewable Energies in the National Technological University (UTN) of Argentina and also the director of the Program on the Environment and Agricultural Production in the Center of Research and Environmental Studies (PREMAPA) at the School of Humanities, National University of the Centre of the province of Buenos Aires (UNICEN). Dr. Falasca's Research topics include: Agronomy, Climatology, Development of Agroclimatic zoning models, Halomorphic soils, Agro-ecological zoning, Physical geography, Geographic information systems, Agriculture, Forestry, Non-traditional energy crops, Halophytes species, Green Energy, Ecology, Environmental management, Land use.

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