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Dr. Gerald J Yakatan

Founder and Chairman
Pharmaceutical Product Development
IriSys LLC, San Diego, California
United states of America
Tel: 858-228-6983

Dr. Gerald J Yakatan is a founder and Chairman of Pharmaceutical product development in IriSys LLC, San Diego, California, USA. Dr. Gerald is a serial entrepreneur who has been a founder of multiple companies in the pharmaceutical R&D arena. The Company specializes in CDMO specializing, Formulation development, cGMP manufacturing of clinical trials materials and commercial products and consulting in drug development and FDA strategy. Dr. Gerald also President and CEO of Avanir Pharmaceuticals where he led development efforts resulting in the NDA submission for Nuedexta. Dr. Gerald was responsible for the development, Regulatory approval and commercialization of Abreva. Dr. Gerald has also served as Pharmaceutics Chair at University of Texas at Austin, VP for Product Development Worldwide at Warner Lambert/Parke Davis and Founder and CEO at Tanabe Research Labs, USA. Dr. Gerald has served on the Boards of numerous not-for-profit organizations and received distinguished alumnus awards from Temple University and from the University of Florida.

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