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Research Article   |   10.36959/621/622 Volume 5 Issue 2

Cholangitis after Hemobilia: A Brief Overview

Authors: Daisuke Muroya, Koji Okuda, Shoichiro Arai, Masanori Akashi, Yoriko Nomura, Yuichi Goto, Toshihiro Sato, Hisamune Sakai, Yoshinobu Okabe, Toru Hisaka, Yoshito Akagi, Satoshi Taniwaki, Hironobu Sou and Tetsuo Imamura
Hemobilia, defined as the hemorrhage into the biliary tract and blood clots in the bile duct is an uncommon cause of severe cholangitis. The majority of hemobilia are caused by iatrogenic and trauma, ... Read more

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Clinical Image   |   10.36959/621/621 Volume 5 Issue 2

An Unusual Finding on Rectal Retroflexion

Authors: Manar Shmais MD, Fadi F Francis, MD and Jana G Hashash MD, MSc
A 66-year-old male patient with hypertension and diabetes mellitus presented for a screening colonoscopy. He had no gastrointestinal complaints, namely no abdominal pain, change in bowel habits, recta... Read more

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