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Table of Content: Volume 5, Issue 2

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Review Article Pages 246-248

The Role of Quercetin in Ameliorating ARDS in COVID-19 Patients

Authors: Saurabh Sharma, DO, MS and Anand Seth, PhD

Abstract: The sudden outbreak of a novel coronavirus in December 2019 in Wuhan, China, known as Covid-19, spread throughout the world as a global pandemic. An immediate search started throughout the world to combat the virus on various fronts. Many clinical trials were initiated and are underway to utilize the existing drugs to delineate the virulence mechanism of the virus. Several vaccines are under development including various combinations of herbal remedies. Molecular docking

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Review Article Pages 230-234

Feelings, Dıfficultıes, and Solution Suggestions of Nurses During Covid-19 Pandemic Period: The Case of Turkey

Authors: Gulzade Uysal

Abstract: The data of this descriptive type study were obtained from the nurses who could be reached online between 3-9 April 2020.The sample of the study consisted of 1039 nurses, who filled out the online questionnaire completely during the data collection time

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Review Article Pages 228- 229

COVID-19 and Individuals with Learning Disabilities

Authors: Rabiu Momoh and Alamin Alkundi

Abstract: A lot has been written about the larger portion of the human population who can understand the implication and impact of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and adjust to regulations for self-protection. We hope to bring the challenges of care for individuals with learning difficulties during this ongoing pandemic to the fore and how to maximize care and protection for them.

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Review Article Pages 224-227

Vitamin D and its Effects on COVID-19

Authors: Sravya Iyyuni, BS, Michael Imeokparia, MD and Anand Seth, PhD

Abstract: Vitamin D plays an important role in supporting the immune system. Its expression on vital immune cells like B, T, and antigen-presenting cells has become an important topic of research in response to the current COVID-19 pandemic. The purpose of vitamin D is vital not only to supporting the role of bones and muscle development, but also in its involvement in the regulation of mood and the immune system. This “sunshine vitamin”, due to its role in developing immunity within both adaptive and innate forms, is important to investigate with regards to disease prevention.

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Review Article Pages 216-223

Comparison between the 2020 Coronavirus-19 and the 1665 Great Plague of London

Authors: Eugene Stephane Mananga and Lamisa Rusmeha

Abstract: We are currently encountering one of the most disruptive pandemics in modern history. The outbreak of COVID-19 was first reported in the Chinese province of Hubei, which has now spread throughout the world resulting in about 81.5 million Covid-19 cases and 1.8 million deaths across 217 countries. Where we stand today, it is yet as dubious whether the number of cases will continue to rise and cause destruction or will it come to a halt. But it is certain that this is a crucial moment and that we are enduring a historic event that will reconstruct our societies both fundamentally and

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Research Article Pages 207-215

Distribution of Dengue Virus Serotypes in Jazan Region, Southwest Saudi Arabia

Authors: Ommer Dafalla, Abdulaziz Hakami, Elsiddig Noureldin, Siddig Abdelwahab, Yehya Hejri, Tareq Khawaji, Jaber Ghzwani, Omar Mashi, Khalid Shrwani, Tariq Hamzi, Abdullatif Matabi, Abdullah Aghamdi and Zaki Eisa

Abstract: Nearly half of the world’s population are at risk of dengue fever (DF) which is a serious threat to the majority of international public health. Recently, Dengue viruses (DENVs) considered a re-emerging arthropod-borne viral disease that has been growing its transmission in numerous geographic areas across the world, causing dengue-endemic in more than 125 countries globally.

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