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Table of Content: Volume 4, Issue 1

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Review Article Pages 30-46

Review of Presence, Induction and Isolation of Major Cellular Constituents From Porphyra Sensu Lato (Rhodophyceae), Including Mycosporine-Like Amino Acids (MAA’s)

Authors: Jesse van Groenigen Goverdina C.H. Derksen and Klaas R. Timmermans

Abstract: Seaweeds from the genus Porphyra play a big economic role in seaweed aquaculture, mainly in Asia. In Europe, resources are put towards seaweed cultivation, but without attention to the Porphyra species which is also native to Europe native Porphyra species. Different nomenclature and specifications are used to describe Porphyra, due to taxonomical reclassification and difficult phenotypical identification. Abiotic & biotic together with seasonal factors make for major

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