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Perspective   |   10.36959/357/454 Volume 2 Issue 1

Temporal Region, Surgical Anatomy: Keep it Simple!

Authors: Badr MI Abdulrauf, MD, FRCSC
Due to the several layers of fasciae and their interchanging characteristics below and above the zygomatic arch, the temporal region anatomy has somewhat been unpleasant to comprehend and recall. The ... Read more

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Review Article   |   10.36959/357/453 Volume 1 Issue 1

Developmental Anomalies in Domestic Mammals and the One Health Concept

Authors: I Salazar
Rudolf Virchow, considered by many the Father of Pathology, established a clear link between human and animal health. From that idea emerged the "one medicine" concept, which evolved into "one health"... Read more

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Review Article   |   10.36959/357/452 Volume 1 Issue 1

Gitelman Syndrome: What the Clinician Needs to know

Authors: Panagiotopoulou TV, Filippatos TD and Elisaf MS
Gitelman syndrome has a prevalence of 1-10/40,000, representing the most common inherited disease of renal tubules. It is due to inactivating mutations of the SLC12A3 gene that encodes the thiazide-se... Read more

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