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Editorial board member | Dr. Jun Kohyama

Dr. Jun Kohyama

Cheif Executive Officer
Tokyo Bay Urayasu
Ichikawa Medical Center
Tel: +81-47-351-3101

Dr. Jun Kohyama is a Cheif Executive Officer Tokyo Bay Urayasu/Ichikawa Medical Center Japan. He was awarded PhD in 1990 from Tokyo Medical and Dental University and completed his MD in 1975-1981 from Tokyo Medical and Dental University. He was awarded for the young researcher from The Japan Epilepsy Research Foundation in 2000 and Juhn and Mary Wada Award (The Japan Epilepsy Society) in 1997. His research interest Sleep During Early Stages of Life Affects Long-Term Outcomes; Sleep is the result of whole daily life; eat, exercise, excretion, and sleep are all related each other. He is specialist in Developmental Sleep Medicine, Sleep neurology, Sleep and modren society. He was Director of Tokyo Kita Shakai Hoken Hospital Japan during 2008-2009.

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