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Editorial board member | Dr. Huey-Jen Lin

Dr. Huey-Jen Lin

Associate Professor
Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences
University of Delaware
United States of America

Dr. Huey-Jen Lin is an Associate Professor of Medical Laboratory Sciences at University of Delaware, Delaware, and Ohio State University, Ohio, USA. Dr. Lin received education in the areas of Biochemistry, Immunology, and Virology, for earning the respective degrees in BS, MS and PhD. Not only was she an educator teaching courses including clinical microbiology, pathophysiology of infectious diseases, genetics as well as molecular diagnosis, she vigorously researched the molecular and epigenetic causes underlying human breast and pancreatic cancer. Dr. Lin's research interests is to Examine how epigenetically silenced tumor suppressor genes influence tumor initiation, progression and metastasis in breast and pancreatic cancers. Her long-term research objective is to examine how aberrant signaling molecules regulate epigenomes and lead to a wide spectrum of malignant phenotypes, primarily in breast and pancreatic cancers. The ultimate goals are: to identify the micro environmental cause (s) leading to tumorigenesis, decipher how dysregulated signaling pathways contribute to neoplasm by altering epigenomes, discover potential diagnostic bio-markers, and develop specific therapeutic strategies by correcting signaling molecules.

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