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Editorial board member | Dr. Yackoob Kassim Seedat

Dr. Yackoob Kassim Seedat

Emeritus Professor
Department of Medicine
University of KwaZulu-Natal
South Africa

Dr. Yackoob Kassim Seedat is working as Emeritus Professor at University of KwaZulu-Natal and King Edward VIII Hospital. Dr. Seedat career started at Secondary School, Sastri College, Durban. Undergraduate career in medicine, University College (1950-1956), Internship-Medicine, Surgery, Jervis Street Hospital, Dublin (1957-1958). Various positions King Edward VIII Hospital (1958-1978); Academic Registrar Royal Infirmary, Manchester, England (1967-1968); Intern. Dublin, Eire 1957-1958; S A Renal Soc, (1986-1988); President of the Southern African Hypertension Society (1981-1983). He received several Awards which include: Special Award; Silver Award for Research and Teaching; Illuminated citation Golden Jubilee Award Colleges of Medicine of South Africa; South African Medical Association Merit Award for Extraordinary Service in Medicine; Developing World Award. Dr. Seedat Publications is mainly on Hypertension and Renal Medicine (439) in medical journals and chapters in books (38). Presented 357 papers at (127) international and (230) national congresses and societies.

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