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Editorial board member | Prof. Arvydas Survila

Prof. Arvydas Survila

Center for Physical Sciences and Technology
Institute of Chemistry
Lithuania, Europe
Tel: +3706 56 27049

Prof. Arvydas Survila is a Professor at Center for Physical Sciences and Technology. He worked as Professor at Vilnius University in the Departmnt of chemistry. Prof. Survila received his PhD from Moscow State University, Russia in 1968. He has received numerous scientific awards which include prestigious National Award in Chemistry and J Matulis Award from Lithuanian Academy of Sciences. Prof. Survila has been employed in the Institute of Chemistry and Chemical technology at the Academy of Sciences of the Lithuanian, where his work has been geared towards the development of various electroplating processes with a view to their implementation in industry, especially in the newly-built Volga automobile plant, that began producing modified Italian cars Fiat. His research interests include Electrochemistry and Photoelectrochemistry - laser-induced photoelectrochemical phenomena.

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