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Editorial board member | Prof. Pietro Giorgio Calo

Prof. Pietro Giorgio Calo

Department of Surgery
Universita di Cagliari
Tel: 070-675-3149

Prof. Pietro Giorgio Calo is a Professor in the Department of Surgery at Universita di Cagliari. He has worked as an Associate Professor for the Department of Surgery. Prof. Calo is specialized in Surgical Oncology at the University of Cagliari. He is expert in Clinical Methodology, General Surgery and Otorhinolaryngology. Prof. Calo authored numerous scientific articles in international journals and book chapters which carried out a numerous surgeries, particularly in the field of endocrine surgery. He is a Councilor of SIEC-Italian Society of Endocrine Surgery, Vice-President of the Club of UEC-Endocrine Surgery Unit, and member of various scientific societies. Prof. Pietro Giorgio Calo's research interests includes Clinical Methodology, Surgical Semiotics, Thyroid, Parathyroid, Endocrine Surgery, Breast, Surgical Oncology.

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