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Editorial board member | Dr. Michael Froehner

Dr. Michael Froehner

Associate Professor
Department of Urology
Dresden University of Technology
Tel: +490-351-458-7462

Dr. Michael Froehner is an Associate Professor of Department of Urology at Dresden University of Technology, Germany. He completed his Studies of Medicine from Friedrich-Schiller-University of Jena, Germany in 1995. Dr. Michael Clinical interests: Diagnostics, surgery and systemic treatment of urological neoplasms; Imaging and differential diagnosis. Dr. Michael Scientific interests include: Comorbidity and competing mortality; Life expectancy and natural history of prostate cancer; Multimodal treatment of genitourinary cancer. Dr. Michael Habilitation is "The prognostic significance of comorbidity in the radical prostatectomy setting", University of Technology, Dresden, Germany:2007.