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Prof. Khalbay Ishbaev

Petrology Department
Institute of Geology and Geophysics named after Kh.M.Abdullaev Tashkent

Khalbay Ishbaev born in 1964, higher education, graduated from Tashkent State University in 1989, specializing in geochemistry engineer. Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, Professor. In 2007 he defended his doctoral dissertation on the specialty 04.00.08 - Petrography, volcanology, on the topic "Xenoliths and homeogenic inclusions in igneous formations of the Kyzylkumo-Kuraminsky continental marginal belt". He is an expert in petrology of small intrusions and dike magmatism. The main direction of his scientific research is the petrology of lamprophyres and the deep inclusions and xenoliths contained in them. He was the first to give a summary characterization of various inclusions, to identify the types of inclusions. On the basis of these data, he constructed a model of the deep structure of the Kyzylkumo-Kuraminsky continental-marginal volcanic belt. The obtained scientific results are implemented in the field of production and educational programs in universities. Author of 2 monographs, more than 100 scientific articles, 10 scientific reports, 2 textbooks and 4 teaching aids. Takes part in the state certification of scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel. He is the chairman of the Uzbekistan Petrographic Commission, a member of the expert council of the Higher Attestation Commission.

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