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Dr. Claudio Nastruzzi

Associate Professor
Department of Life Sciences and Biotechnology
University of Ferrara
Tel: +390-532-455-348

Dr. Claudio Nastruzzi is an Associate Professor of Department of Life Sciences and Biotechnology at University of Ferrara, Italy. He pursued his PhD in Pharmaceutical Science in 1988. In 2002, Claudio Nastruzzi started the activity of the Laboratory of Biomaterials & Encapsulation (BEL). The main goal of the Laboratory is an integrative concept of research and teaching in the fields of biomaterials, bioencapsulation, drug formulation and drug delivery. Currently are under investigation different formulations including, inorganic matrixes, liposomes, lipospheres, micro particles, nanocapsules, microemulsions and polymeric films. For the development of such delivery systems we are in close cooperation with other groups in the basic, engineering, medical sciences and pharmaceutical industry. Another important field of study of BEL is represented by cell encapsulation and transplantation using natural, synthetic and engineerized polymers. Dr. Claudio Nastruzzi has published more than 180 papers and presented more than 130 contributions to national and international conferences.

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