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Editorial board member | Prof. Kathy Sanders Phillips

Prof. Kathy Sanders Phillips

Professor and Director
Department of Pediatrics
Howard University College of Medicine
United States of America

Dr. Kathy Sanders-Phillips is a Professor of Pediatrics and Director of the "Research Program in the Epidemiology and Prevention of Drug Abuse and AIDS in Communities of Color (PEPDAA)," College of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics and Child Health, at Howard University's College of Medicine and an adjunct Professor of Pediatrics at George Washington University/ Children's Hospital, USA. Dr. Kathy is trained as a developmental psychologist and completed an internship in pediatric psychology with a focus on the interface between psychological and biological functioning in children and youth. She received her Ph.D. in from the Johns Hopkins University and completed her internship at the University of Maryland Hospital. Dr. Kathy's areas of research include etiology and developmental impact of trauma, depression, and anxiety particularly in youth and young adults of color and those in secondary social groups. Relationships between the trauma of discrimination, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and risk behaviors such as drug use, antisocial peer relationships, and violence and aggression in youth. Trauma and PTSD related to violence exposure and violence perpetration in women and girls.

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