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Editorial board member | Dr. Pavani Rangachari

Dr. Pavani Rangachari

Associate Professor
Department of Health Management & Informatics
Augusta University
United States of America
Tel: 706 721‐2622

Dr. Pavani Rangachari is an Associate Professor in the Department of Health Management & Informatics, Augusta University, USA. She is an Associate Dean for Practice & Community Health, Augusta University, USA. Dr. Pavani received her PH.D. in the department of Public Administration & Policy from University at Albany, USA in 2007. She received her MS in the department of Health Management & Policy, School of Public Health, University at Albany, USA. Dr. Pavani was awarded with Outstanding Faculty Research Award, in College of Allied Health Sciences (CAHS), Augusta University, April 2012. Dr. Pavani Rangachari research interests includes emphasis on the implementation of change and innovation in health care organizations, including the implementation of evidence‐based practices, health information technology, and patient‐centered care.

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