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Editorial board member | Dr. Adriaan Visser

Dr. Adriaan Visser

Research Director
International Health Foundation
Tel: 31-0-10-4677857

Dr. Adriaan Visser is a research director of the International Health Foundation (Brussels, Belgium) on contraception, menopause, and aging. He is a assistant-lecturer Transitions in Health Care at the Rotterdam University, NL. He was a director and associate professor for the research program on "Behavioral interventions in psycho-oncology" at the Helen Dowling Institute (Utrecht,NL), funded by the Dutch Cancer Society. Adriaan Visser (1941), PhD, studied social psychology at the Free University, Amsterdam (NL). The published thesis (1984) was on the methodology of the measurement of patient satisfaction. Worked the rest of is life mostly as health psychologist avant la lettre, engaged in education of university students (psychology, medical, nursing), research in health care, implementation of health care changes, writing, and editing. He is a Former coordinator of the research at the Helen Dowling Institute, Center of Psycho-oncology Utrecht, the Netherlands and Founder of several institutes for psychosocial cancer in the Netherlands.

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