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Editorial board member | Dr. G Hossein Ashrafi

Dr. G Hossein Ashrafi

Associate Professor in Cellular Pathology
Kingston University
United Kingdom
Tel: +44-0-7828396642

Dr. G. Hossein Ashrafi obtained his PhD from Beatson Institute for Cancer Research, University of Glasgow in 1998 where he worked on viral causes of cancer. In the same year he was offered a postdoctoral fellowship in the Medical Oncology Laboratory at Glasgow University’s Medical School, he was awarded a Royal Society Developing World Study Visit fellowship for distinguished postdoctoral work on relationship between papillomavirus and immune response. Dr. Ashrafi joined Kingston University, London in 2009 where he currently act as course director for cancer biology and teach on a range of medical Science modules, supervise undergraduate and postgraduate research students, and lead an active research group on the interactions between the human host, pathogen and the immune system. His research mainly focuses on Association of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and Cancers (Breast, Cervical, and Oesophagus), Therapeutic approaches towards HPV related cancers, Inhibition of immune system through Human papillomavirus (HPV) E5 protein, Association of Varizella-Zoster-Virus (VZV) gene ORF 1 and host immune response.

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