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Prof. Parsons Xuejun Huang

Department of Regenerative Medicine
San Diego Regenerative Medicine Institute
United States of America
Tel: 858-243-2046

Prof. Parsons Xuejun Huang is a Professor in the Department of Regenerative Medicine, USA. She received her PhD in Biochemistry, Molecular and Cell Biology from Cornell University. Prof. Huang's was awarded NIH mentored research scientist career development award and also served as the project leader in one of the NIH exploratory centers for pluripotent human embryonic stem cell (hESC) research and have led the collaborative effort to develop the utility of hESC as a model system. She is the Co-Founder/CEO of several Regenerative Medicine startups, including San Diego Regenerative Medicine Institute, Xcelthera INC, and PluriStem Biopharmaceutical Ltd. Prof. Huang developed the proprietary breakthrough PluriXcel human stem cell technology for large-scale production of high quality clinical-grade hPSC lines and their functional human neuronal and cardiomyocyte cell therapy derivatives. Her research interest includes stem cell biology, regenerative medicine, neural regeneration, human pluripotent stem cell, human embryonic stem cells, neural stem cells etc.

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