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Prof. CB Rajashekar

Department of Horticulture
Kansas State University
United States of America
Tel: 785-532-1427

Dr. C B Rajashekar is a Professor in Department of Horticulture at Kansas State University, USA. Rajashekar completed his Ph.D. at Colorado State University working on mechanism of injury and tolerance to environmental stresses in plants followed by post-doctoral research in freezing tolerance and injury in vegetable crops at University of Minnesota in USA. Dr. C B Rajashekar research interest includes efforts to understand mechanisms and causes by which plants switch from primary metabolism to secondary metabolism. As many of the products of secondary metabolism are also phytochemicals which have a number health-promoting qualities, He have been exploring possibilities of enhancing phytochemicals in many vegetables including tomatoes, lettuce and pac-choi. His studies have focused on using abiotic stresses in turning on the secondary metabolism and have examined key genes involved in the biosynthesis of phenolic compounds and vitamins. Light characteristics have a large effect on up regulating some of these genes which can impact on the accumulations of several phytochemicals.

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