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Prof. Oghenekome U Onokpise

College of Agriculture and Food Sciences
Florida A & M University
United States of America
Tel: 850-561-2217

Dr. Oghenekome U Onokpise is a professor in department of Agriculture and Food Sciences in Florida A & M University, USA. Oghenekome is a Distinguished Researcher and former Associate Dean of the College of Agriculture and Food Sciences, Florida A & M University where he has been teaching, conducting research and outreach activities for more than twenty nine years. He obtained his Ph.D degree in Forest Biology and Wood Science (specializing in Tree Breeding and Forest Genetics) from Iowa State University. Dr. Onokpise research interest includes Agroforestry Systems concentrating on agrosilvopastoral systems, rubber tree breeding and genetics, forage crop breeding, biological control of invasive species, germplasm collection, plant genomic research in corn, and ecological restoration of different forest ecosystems including mahogany tree species. Dr. Onokpise has over 150 refereed journal, conference, workshop and symposium papers and several book chapters. He is the author of two books and co-author of three books. He has received a US Patent No. 8,278,248 for his research on cogon grass (Imperata cylindrica L) and has generated over seven million dollars in external grants for Florida A & M University.

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