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Editorial board member | Prof. Horacio LR Rilo

Prof. Horacio LR Rilo

Department of Surgery and Medicine
Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine
Hofstra University
United States of America

Prof. Horacio L R Rilo is Professor of Surgery at Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine and Director for the Pancreas Disease Center. He was tenured professor with appointments in Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Physiology, Cell Biology, Immunology, and the Bio 5 Institute for Collaborative Bio Research. Prof. Rilo is director of the Center for Cellular Transplantation in the Department of Surgery. His Research Interest includes translational research, Cellular encapsulation, Stem cell therapy, Kidney and pancreas preservation for transplantation, Advancement of islet cell transplantation for the treatment of type 1 diabetes and Chronic Pancreatitis.

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