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Editorial board member | Dr. Qing Liu

Dr. Qing Liu

Senior Research Scientist
Plant Metabolic Engineering Group
CSIRO Agriculture
Tel: +61-2-62464919

Dr. Qing Liu is a Senior Research Scientist of Plant Metabolic Engineering Group department in CSIRO, Australia. Dr. Qing Liu received his Ph. D from University of Sydney in 1994-1997, Masters in Agri. Sci. from University of Adelaide in 1989-1991. Dr. Qing Liu research interests include development of nutritionally improved high-oleic rice bran oil, high-oleic cottonseed oil, developments of canola oil rich in omega-3 long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids, safflower oil with high purity of oleic acid for industrial applications and oil-rich high biomass plants. More recently, Qing is interested in studying long self-life and nutritionally improved cereal grains including rice.

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