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Dr. Barbara L Carder

Adjunct Professor
Deaprtment of Principles of Motivation (Psychology)
Franklin University
United States of America
Tel: 740-500-1564

Dr. Barbara L Carder is an adjunct professor in the Deaprtment of Principles of Motivation (Psychology) at Franklin University, Ohio, USA. Dr. Barbara L Carder completed the Graduate Certificate of Instructional Design program offered by Franklin University, and completed the Instructional Design for e-Learningcertificate program offered by the Society for Technical Communication. Dr. Barbara L Carder holds a Master of Science in Marketing & Communication and a Bachelor of Science in Applied Communication, both from Franklin University. Dr. Barbara L Carder has completed the following relevant coursework: Diploma in Psychology, Introduction to Psychology Biology and Behaviour, Mental Health Studies, Psychology Memory and Cognition, Psychology Research Methods, and Diploma in Educational Psychology. Prof. Barbara L Carder is awarded for Teaching Excellence Award - Franklin University - 2013, National Achievement Award - National Association of Extension 4-H Agents - 2009, Epsilon Sigma Phi Tools for Teaching award - Newsletter, second place - 2008. Dr. Barbara L Carder research interest includes Instructional design, Engaging students.

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